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Bulk Fuel Filtration

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How clean is your fuel?

Filter down to 4 micron

Largo are a UK authorised distributor of Donaldson Bulk Fuel Filtration.
Today’s sophisticated equipment, such as diesel engines with increased injection pressures, requires higher cleanliness levels than ever before. Donaldson bulk filtration systems save on costly component replacement, prevent unplanned downtime and prevent a decrease in fuel efficiency due to injector wear. In short, Donaldson reduces your total cost of ownership.

  • As little as 4 micron
  • Up to 246L per minute
  • Easy installation
  • State-of-the-art filter media
  • Single pass filtration
  • Mobile & stationary applications
P568666 DBB8666 bulk fuel filter
4 Micron Filter
P568666 (DBB8666) is the ideal solution for filtering fuel into and out of your bulk fuel tanks.
7 Micron Filter
For particularly bad fuel, the P568665 (DBB8665) offers filtration to 7 micron and is a great solution to filtering fuel into and out of your bulk fuel tank.

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Need answers?

Here's some common questions

  • Are the filters expensive?
    This depends on what you see as expensive. P568666 (DBB8666) may cost £131.63 each, but this is still a lot cheaper than a full set of filters for most machines. With the current fuel issues, this filter will also help you avoid unwanted, early fuel filter services.
  • The filters have blocked quicker than i thought
    Simply put, the filter is doing it's job. Generally, we expect these filters to hold approx 1kg of dirt per filter, however with the current fuel issues with bio-diesel, this means they are blocking up much faster than usual.
  • Can I install myself?
    Yes. These kits are very easy to install yourself. See our Bulk fuel brochure, for instructions.
  • Will the filters slow down my flow rate?
    Yes. But don't think you'll be paying someone to stand there filling machines all day. These filters can handle a flow rate of up to 246lpm.
  • Is this just for fuel going into my machine?
    No. Whilst we mainly talk about filtration going from your tank to your machine, you can actually go one better and filter the fuel being delivered to your tanks. This may be a more expensive option, however, this is preferred by some as the bio-diesel in the fuel can strip the delivery truck's tank, which will only end up in your own tank without the prior filtration.
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